Is your team Skilled Enough to beat the Threat Actors?

We offer cyber security training & awareness programs tailored to your organizational needs. From your end-users to more technical and advanced IT staff and from your information security management teams to your Senior Management and Board of Directors (BoD), we cover it all. 

We also offer mentor-led internship programs for fresh graduates and industry professionals interested to switch their field or career path. These programs provide opportunity to interact with, and learn from cyber security industry professionals. Our approach helps to identify the skill gaps and areas of improvements.

Our training and awareness programs prepares you & your teams to meet the industry demands and gives you a competitive edge over the crowd.

Our overall objective is to support organizations in improvement of their security posture and help them to combat security threats and attacks.


The mission of ThincAcademy is to make people the STRONGEST LINK in the cyber security chain through capability and skill enhancement training programs.


  • Providing simplified & easily accessible training programs.
  • Providing physical and online interactive learning opportunities.
  • Providing one-stop solution for all your training and awareness needs.

Why ThincAcademy?

Industry Professionals

As an intern at ThincsCorp, you will have the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the most experienced professionals in the industry. Our mentors are passionate about cyber security and are dedicated to helping interns grow and develop their skills.

Hands-On Experience

Do you want to get Cyber Security experience on real world projects? If so, working with our teams is a great way to gain it. Our teams work on a variety of Cyber Security projects, and you’ll be able to get hands-on experience on such projects.

Diverse Community

ThincsCorp Community consists of entry-level individuals to seasoned executives, who hail from all corners of the globe. Our community members help each other by exchanging information, best practices, personal experiences, news & views, commentary and updates regarding latest cyber security trends, products, events and issues etc.

Completion Certificates

Certificates of Achievement are awarded to those who attend and complete the relevant programs. Our Internship certificates are awarded by ThincsCorp and Training certificates are awarded by ThincAcademy.

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